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Best Hiking Trails near Truckee CA

Best Hiking Trails near Truckee CA

Located Northeast California, Truckee features many canyons and mountains to be discovered. Indeed, there are many hiking trails around Truckee including a variety of stunningly Nature Preserves. So what are the best hiking trails near Truckee CA?

From Martis Valley and Donner Summit Canyon to Castle Peak, Truckee features dozens of outdoor places to be discovered!

Let Best Hike Guide help you find the best hiking trails in and around Truckee!

  • 1Martis Valley
  • 2Donner Summit Canyon
  • 3Shirley Canyon
  • 4Sawtooth Trail
  • 5Castle Peak

1Martis Valley

Located in east Truckee, Martis Valley is a geographic area of 70 square miles with many well-trafficked trails. The valley includes Donner Creek, Martis Creek, and Prosser Creek, major tributaries to the Truckee River. More of a walk than a hike as there’s not much vertical here. So, get out there and explore!

2Donner Summit Canyon

Located in Sierra Nevada, Donner Summit Canyon offers opportunities for camping, water-skiing, and hiking. Besides, the trail is a pretty steady gravel path that follows clear creeks and look directly down on Donner Lake.

3Shirley Canyon

Located at Squaw Valley, Shirley Canyon is one of the most notable and challenging hike with a lot of vertical gain. The Squaw Valley was the location of the 1960 Winter Olympics. Besides, the trail leads up to Shirley Lake, where hikers can spend a lovely day relaxing between meadows of wildflowers and enjoy amazing views of Squaw Valley.

4Sawtooth Trail

Sawtooth is well known as a mountain biking destination, but it still makes for a great day hike, too. In reality, The Sawtooth Trail represents a reasonable next step for beginner hikers. So, bring a snack and enjoy views of the Truckee River snaking through the valley. Make sure you’re paying attention for a few challenging rocky sections of the trail and keep an eye out for bears.

5Castle Peak

Castle Peak is undoubtedly one of top hiking trail in all of Truckee. It’s incredibly challenging, hikers will have to endure a difficult ascent – 2,200 feet in a little less than 5 miles, but will be rewarded with views and enjoy gorgeous flowers, and the volcanic formations that resemble a castle when viewing from afar.

Truckee CA is a perfect area to hike and discover in the northeast of California where you will meet lakes, mountains, valleys, and wildlife.

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