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Best Hiking Trails near Lubbock TX

hiking trails near lubbock

Located Northwest Texas, Lubbock is known historically and geographically as the Llano Estacado, and ecologically is part of the southern end of the High Plains. Indeed, there are many hiking trails around Lubbock including a variety of stunningly Nature Preserves. So what are the best hiking trails near Lubbock TX?

From Mae Simmons Park and Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark to Clapp Park, Lubbock features dozens of outdoor places to be discovered!

Let Best Hike Guide help you find the best hiking trails in and around Lubbock!

  • 1Mae Simmons Park
  • 2Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark
  • 3Clapp Park

1Mae Simmons Park

Located near Lubbock, Mae Simmons Park has a beautiful lake flowing through it with plenty of sightseeing, and fantastic trails everywhere. Also, it is a loop trail of 7.1 mile that features prairies, surprising hills and challenging singletrack. Undoubtedly, The Park is not known for wonderful terrain but it offers a great view of downtown Lubbock with surprising amount of wooded areas for West Texas.

2Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark

Located north of Lubbock, Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark is an important archeological site that preserves a complete record of nearly 12,000 years of human history. It is also containing over four miles of hiking trails through 300 acres of restored prairie featuring beautiful wild flowers and wildlife.

3Clapp Park

Located south of Lubbock, Clapp Park is an open space of 93 acres that offers a wide range of birds and several waterfowls. You can enjoy their quiet 1.18-mile trail which is open to everyone.

Lubbock TX is a unique area to hike and discover in the south of United States where you will meet lakes, plains, hills, and wildlife.

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