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Best Hiking Trails near Burlington VT

Best Hiking Trails near Burlington VT

Located in Northwest Vermont, Burlington is home of great and stunning hiking trails in Vermont. So what are the best hiking trails near Burlington VT?

From Mount Philo’s scenic views of Lake Champlain to Mount Mansfield without forgetting Camel’s Hump, Burlington has fantastic hiking trails to be discovered!

Let Best Hike Guide help you find the best hikes around Burlington!

1Mount Mansfield State Forest

At about 17 miles east of Burlington, locate the Mount Mansfield State Forest -The highest point in Vermont- is a perfect peak to see the beauty of the surrounding area of Burlington. Although, reaching the summit is an easy hike as you can do it in one day.

You can reach the summit of Mount Mansfield via the Toll Road which is a beautiful four-mile hike or via Gondola. Besides, the Sunset Ridge way is another beautiful choice.

The Nose to The Chin via Long Trail is moderately hike. In fact, this trail moves through the trees and provides magnificent views as well as an interesting rock formation. The trail features wild flowers with snow that provides constant views. more details & directions

Regardless the way you take, one thing you should respect is to stay on the trail in order to secure the ecosystem.
Mount Mansfield State Forest details & trails list

2Mount Philo

Located south of Burlington, Mount Philo is a great and family friendly hike. It’s an over 2 miles hike that features amazing views of the Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks beyond. Besides, along the trail you will meet a lot of wonderful crannies, nooks, and caves to discover.

Once you will reach the top of Mount Philo, you will find a grassy area with picnic tables to have some lunch before come back down again.

Last information to mention is that Philo is a state park. So, all visitors are charged for an entrance fee.

3Camel’s Hump

With an elevation of 4,081 feet, Camel’s Hump is the third highest peak in the state of Vermont. Camel’s Hump is an excellent summit hike that features arctic-alpine tundra and beautiful views of the Adirondacks.

Several trails reach the rocky summit of Camel’s Hump. The Burrow’s Trail is an easier winter hike, but for more challenge tries the Monroe Trail. Eventually, both trails lead to the peak, but every trail offers a different experience.

The Burrows Trail to Camel’s Hump is 5 miles moderately hike that features birds watching and interesting plant.

Burlington VT is a beautiful area to hike and discover in the northwest of Vermont where you will meet forest and mountains. But, be aware that weather may change quickly, so be sure to dress in warm layers, have extra food and let someone know your location.

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