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The North Face Apex Flex Review

The North Face Apex Flex
Brand and Model The North Face Apex Flex
Pros Premium waterproofing and windproofing
Cons Heavy for a rain jacket
Best Uses Day Hiking, General Outdoor

1The North Face Apex Flex Overview

The North Face Apex Flex GTX is a softshell rain jacket that offers a great wind protection with a little extra warmth. Even tough it’s much heavier than others rain jackets; The Apex Flex is great for light hikes offering excellent water resistance.

The design behind The NF Apex Flex is based on 3-layer Gore-Tex which provides a high water resistance along with a great breathability.

Below we break down the Apex’s performance like water and wind protection, breathability and warmth, weight and packability, fit and sizing and more.

2Water and Wind Protection

The North Face Apex Flex GTX is ideally waterproof and offers excellent wind protection. In fact, the 3-layer Gore-Tex and DWR coating let you feeling confident and secure during cold days or even on light snow situation. So, the Apex Flex will keep you dry in most severe conditions.

In terms of wind protection, the Apex Flex GTX provides some light insulation which keeps you warm during severe weather conditions.

3Breathability and Warmth

The Apex Flex GTX offers good breathability. Indeed, the soft shell and the pit zips provide great ventilation to dump heat quickly. In terms of warmth, The Apex is a good choice for everyday wear in chilly to moderate winter times but not in hard weather conditions.

4Weight, Durability and Packability

At 28.32 ounces in a men’s medium, Apex is among the heaviest rain jacket in the market even heavier than the Patagonia Adze – 26 ounces. So as we mention above in this article, the Apex Flex GTX is especially nice option for light adventuring and hikes.

Whereas the material is flexible and stretchy, The Apex Flex GTX has impressive durability and last for a long time. In terms of packability, the Apex is bulky and doesn’t pack down very well.


The hood has both front and around back cinches which secure the hood around the sides of the head. Besides, the hood provides a significant coverage for your face but not enough to be considered helmet compatible.

In terms of storage, the jacket has three pockets: two sized hand pockets with interior waist cinches on both sides, and a useful chest pocket which allows you to safely keep your mobile phone. Moreover, the Velcro cuffs on the wrist allow you to customize fit and tightness.

6Fit and Comfort

The Apex Flex GTX is a versatile jacket that allows you to layer under it for extra warmth in hard weather conditions. Besides, the interior fabric is soft and comfortable enough to wear the jacket for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

7Pros and Cons


  • Premium waterproofing and wind protection.
  • Great flexibility and comfortable interior knit lining

  • Heavy for a rain jacket
  • Arms are a little bit too long

8Final Thoughts

The Apex Flex is comfortable with baggy fit; it would be a better choice for your outdoor activities in chilly or moderate weather conditions. Due to its heavy weight, it’s especially oriented for light hikes and adventures.

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