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Sealskinz All Season Gloves Review

Sealskinz All Season Gloves

The Sealskinz All Season Gloves continues to be one of the best hiking gloves on the market as it’s waterproof, windproof and breathable along with palm leather for better grip and dexterity. Besides, the Sealskinz is suitable for moderate conditions and ideal for year round activity use whether you wear it all day or not.

Moreover, the All Season Gloves provide you the touch screen compatibility feature, allowing the use of digital devices without removing gloves which is greatly reduces the times needed to remove theme.


Even tough it is a little rigid due to the waterproof membrane inside, the Sealskinz All Season Gloves are enough comfortable to wear. In fact, the Sealskinz fabric is 90% Nylon and the remainder is Spandex making the glove slightly with soft touch for a secure comfortable fit.


The Sealskinz All Season Gloves aren’t the best choice for very cold weather conditions, in contrast to Outdoor Research Alti gloves, and they have no insulation, but they still a perfect gear for mid cold weather. Indeed, the gloves have two layers; an inner polyester layer and outer one on the back of the hand besides the leather over the palm and fingers.


In reality, there is no product fully waterproof, as a matter of fact these gloves stay dry in dry snow but not on wet snow. Similarly, your hands will stay dry at low to moderate rain rates, but they do eventually get wet at high rates.


  • Fabric: Shell: 87% polyester, 13% spandex
  • Membrane: Microporous
  • Size: S – XL
  • Waterproof, breathable & windproof
  • Anti-slip lining to improve dexterity
  • Touch screen compatible on thumb & index finger
  • Pre-curved classic box finger construction
  • Soft goat skin leather palms


The Sealskinz All Season Gloves are very useful that could be used in a very wide range of weather situations. In fact, the All Season Gloves sits somewhere between a pair of lightweight fleece gloves and a pair of full on winter mountaineering gloves.

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