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MSR HyperFlow MicroFilter Review

MSR HperFlow
Brand and Model MSR HyperFlow Microfilter
Pros Fast Pumping Speed
Cons Lots of Backflushing
Best Uses Hiking, General Outdoor

1MSR HyperFlow Microfilter Overview

The MSR HyperFlow Microfilter features fast flow and lightweight design ideal for hiking around clear water sources. Undoubtedly the HyperFlow can’t filter out viruses, but it offers high protection from protozoa and bacteria in most places in North America.

It’s a reliable hand pump filter appropriate for backpackers. In the coming lines, we list the HyperFlow MicroFilter features and performances like effectiveness, capacity, weight etc.


The MSR HyperFlow features a hollow fiber design without any activated carbon. As a result, the HyperFlow MicroFilter protects you from sediment, microplastics, protozoa, bacteria and particulates common in the backcountry of the US and Canada where viruses aren’t usually a main concern.

So, if you are hiking on some foreign country where the water sources may contain harmful viruses, you’ll need to carry additional water purification tablets like Potable Aqua Pure Electrolytic or Potable Aqua Tablets.

MSR HyperFlow


The HyperFlow is quite versatile and easy to use. Simply, screw on the attachment to your bottle and place the prefilter in the water source. The pumping action is quite easy that’ll leave your arms fresh but the flipping upside down of prefilter could be an issue. Besides, The MSR HyperFlow requires regular backflushing and doesn’t do the best in dense water.


In terms of treatment capacity, the HyperFlow is one of the fastest hand pump water filter system. In fact, the MSR HyperFlow allows us having a 1 liter of clean water after just 29 pumps and 28 seconds, on average, whereas the MSR TrailShot has a flow rate of 1 liter per minute. However, the treatment time decreases in turbid water like other pump filters.

MSR HyperFlow

5Weight and Packability

At 10.6 oz., the HyperFlow is heavier than the TrailShot (5 oz.). But, it’s very compact device and takes up very little space in any backpack. Besides, it comes with a mesh bag to fit all components.

MSR HyperFlow

6Durability and Maintenance

In terms of durability, The MSR HyperFlow filter cartridge is supposed to last at least 1,000 liters while The MSR TrailShot has a cartridge life of 2000 liters, but the replacement filter itself isn’t as expensive as others.

After pumping over 40 liters of clear water, we noticed just a small decrease in performance. But when any sediment is introduced, pumping becomes much harder. So, taking water from only the upper columns could be a good idea to avoid sediment build-up. Furthermore, many hikers have noted that consistent backflushing is required to maintain the HyperFlow performance.

7Pros and Cons


  • Fast Pumping Speed
  • Ergonomic Shape

  • Lots of Backflushing


  • Weight: 10.6 oz.
  • Filter Type: Hand Pump
  • Flow Rate: 2 L/minute
  • Cartridge Life: 1,000 Liters
  • Effective against Protozoa, Bacteria and Particulates
  • Ineffective against Viruses


The MSR HyperFlow is lightweight and easy to use but it is slightly lower in lifespan. Besides, it requires consistent backflushing.

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