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Heat Exhaustion

A few years ago, I was experiencing symptoms somewhere between heat exhaustion and heat stroke during a coastal trail. I’d hiked about 4 miles of gold sand covered trail pending the middle of a hot sunny day; I was drinking some quantity of water and felt that I was staying ahead of the dehydration curve. Once I come back home, I took a shower to get clean than to cool my body. After bathing, I continued to experience headache, nausea and dizziness for three days. 1Heat Related Illness 2Treatment for Heat Exhaustion 3Preventing Heat Exhaustion 1Heat Related Illness In general,…

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How Much Water Do You Need for Day Hiking?

Hydration is very important during your hike. In fact, water help keep you more active and flush waste products out of your body. So, how much water do you need for day hiking? 1The Quantity 2How Much Water to Bring? 3Hydration Packs 1The Quantity Depending on the temperature, humidity and body weight, the quantity of the water needed might be different from hiker to another. Whereas, based on my hiking experience, it’s good to drink about half liter of water every hour in general. As a result, you need to stop every 60 minutes to sip from a water bottle…

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How Much Water Do You Need for Day Hiking

It’s important to be hydrated on the trails, because hiking without water; it can lead to aggravate results, like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, muscle breakdown, lack of concentration, and kidney failure. Indeed, replacing the fluid you lose during perspiration help keep you more alert and fresh. Water quantity needed for day hiking depends on three main factors: climate, level of exertion and individual needs. In fact, it recommended to using a hydration system in warm weather. In general, it’s good to drink about 1 liter (32 ounces) of water every two hours.

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