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10 Longest Hiking Trails in Montana

Located in the northwestern U.S., Monatana is an unique state that features beatiful and scenic views.Whether you’re looking for mountains, green views, lakes river, Monatna has plenty of hiking opportunities for backpackers to enjoy. Here are the longest hiking trails in Monatana. 1Chinese Wall Trail 2Rattlesnake Trail 3The Beaten Path Trail 4Highline Trail 5Ptarmigan Trail to Cosley Lake 6Siyeh Pass Trail 7Slough Creek Trail 8Mystic Lake via Bozeman Creek Trail 9Granite Peak Trail 10North Kootenai Lake Via Kootenai Creek Trail 1Chinese Wall Trail Near: Augusta Difficulty: Hard Distance: 53.5 miles Elevation Gain:¬†7,814 feet Route Type:¬†Point to Point Features: Forest, river,…

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