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Hiking Backpack Hip Belt

hiking backpack hip belt

Every hiker shouldn’t care about backpack weight once but also how to distribute this weight? A hiking backpack hip belt is very important for weight transferring regardless that is considered as a suspension item for many backpack types.
A hip belt can carry 80-90% of your pack’s weight; it transfers most of your pack weight off your shoulders and onto your hips so that you can use the legs, to carry most of the weight.

Backpack Hip Belt Pads

Padded hip belt allow hiker or backpacker to transfer weight on your hips with comfort due to hip padding foams; softer foam inside and rigid one outside. Besides padded wings, the hip belt consists of webbing straps that begin at the end of the padded wings and buckle.
So, having a Padded Hip Belt lets you rest your shoulders and back from time to time, and will provide some much sought after comfort.

Fitting a Backpack Hip Belt

The backpack hip belt position is a very important point, in fact before try to fit a backpack hip belt, make sure that your backpack’s hip belt has a padding foam and can support weight without affecting your bones.
While adjusting your hip belt, the front hip bones should be centered on the hip belt padding to transfer the maximum weight to the hip.

Hiking Backpacks with Hip Belts

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