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How Much Water Do You Need for Day Hiking?

How Much Water Do You Need for Day Hiking?

Hydration is very important during your hike. In fact, water help keep you more active and flush waste products out of your body. So, how much water do you need for day hiking?

  • 1The Quantity
  • 2How Much Water to Bring?
  • 3Hydration Packs

1The Quantity

Depending on the temperature, humidity and body weight, the quantity of the water needed might be different from hiker to another. Whereas, based on my hiking experience, it’s good to drink about half liter of water every hour in general. As a result, you need to stop every 60 minutes to sip from a water bottle or such as. You can drink water, drink tea or juice unless alcoholic fluids.

2How Much Water to Bring?

Depending on the nature of trail and hiker ability, the backpacker can hike between 2 to 3 miles per hour. So, if you can hike 3 miles per hour on a flat trail, you should bring one liter of water for 6 miles trail.

3Hydration Packs

Hydration Pack is a great option for your day hiking, because being able to sip on a hose connected to your shoulder strap is very convenient. However, knowing how much water is left in the hydration bladder is one of the issues with this type of hydration tools. Though, you can open your pack and check to see how much water you still have. Furthermore, you can refill your pack using a natural water source like a stream or lake, but you must filter your water using a simple product like the Platypus GravityWorks 4L that let’s you pour your filtered water into your hydration bladder.

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